What is your shipping policy?
Shipping is free! Orders placed Monday-Friday before 12pm EST will be processed the same day, excluding holidays, and will ship and arrive within 6 days. All orders placed after 12pm EST will be processed the next business day, and ship and arrive within 6 days.


Do we need a bat to play the Goodie Gusher?
No.  The Goodie Gusher is a safe piñata and does not require hitting to get the candy to dispense.  Kids take turns selecting from 30 Magic Keys to play the game.  No bat is required.


What type of candy and party favors should I put into the Goodie Gusher?
See candy guide here! 


What if I need replacement keys?
Contact us at 888-872-2220 or info@bestpartyconcepts.com for replacement keys.


What if I’m missing a few keys?
Missing a few keys is okay and Goodie Gusher can still be played.  Insert your keys starting at the top of the Goodie Gusher and work your way down to the bottom.  It’s okay if a few keys are missing on the lower levels of the Goodie Gusher.  


What Is Your Return Policy?
We value your business and want you to be completely happy with Best Party Concepts products. We will accept any non-opened or damaged products within 30 days of purchase. Simply email us at info@bestpartyconcepts.com for instructions on how to return.

If you already opened your package and are unsatisfied with your product please contact us immediately and we will answer any questions regarding purchase, please email us at info@bestpartyconcepts.com or call us at 888-872-2220.


Do You Ship Internationally?
At the moment, we are unable to ship internationally from our website. However, Goodie Gusher is currently available through various stores. Please contact us at info@bestpartyconcepts.com to find a store near you.


The Theme I Want Is Not Listed, Is There Somewhere I Can Find It?
The website is showing all of the themes currently available for purchase. However, we are always expanding our product line. Feel free to give us a call at 888-872-2220 or email us at info@bestpartyconcepts.com  with the theme you would like to see. We will also to be sure to include you on our email list so that you are one of the first to learn if your theme becomes available.


Does A Goodie Gusher Come With Candy And Prizes?
We found parents like to choose what candy and prizes they use in their Goodie Gusher, so candy and prizes are sold separately. To ensure parents select the best products to work with a Goodie Gusher we include a size guide with the product instructions.

Goodie Size Guide


Is A Goodie Gusher Really Reusable?
Yes! The Goodie Gusher is made of high quality materials and is engineered to be reusable with a different Magic Key every time you play.


Will I Be Charged Taxes On My Purchase?
Only Pennsylvania customers will be charged the current PA sales tax rate.  

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